WP Emails not sending

Sometimes those hosting providers are blocking some ports by default. You can ask them to unblock the ports you try to use or narrow the port list defined in:


Can not access my own website

Your IP could be blocked! Ask your hosting provider to unlock and or login as root to your VPS and do as fallow:

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Where is phpMyAdmin installed in VPS in DirectAdmin?:

  • Executing /usr/local/directadmin/plugins/custombuild/admin/build phpmyadmin…
  • Adding AuthLog to /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin-5.1.1-all-languages/config.inc.php
  • Adding PmaNoRelation_DisableWarning to /var/www/html/phpMyAdmin-5.1.1-all-languages/config.inc.php


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How to diable modsecurity in apache?

file location: /etc/httpd/conf/extr/httpd-modsecurity.conf
log output:

It is common that DA and apache both comes with modsecurity configuration. If you want to turn it off at apache level go to:

cd /etc/httpd/conf/extra

cat httpd-modsecurity.conf

vi httpd-modsecurity.conf

SecRuleEngine On
SecRuleEngine Off

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Add IP to whitelist and remove IP from blacklist in VPS.

SSH as root to your VPS. Then cd to /usr/local/directadmin/data/admin/ and create a file ip_blacklist if not exists.
cat the file first and then vi ip_blacklist and add your IP which you wish to whitelist.

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