To install docker desktop on Ubuntu fallow the docker documentation

Install docker desktop on Ubuntu

Install Docker Desktop on Ubuntu.

Start docker desktop on Linux Ubuntu

After docker and docker desktop installation, run the docker desktop with command:

systemctl --user start docker-desktop

You successfully install and run docker desktop on Ubuntu / Linux OS.
From here, you can take a look at the Get started training modules to learn how to build an image and run it as a containerized application. Review the topics in Develop with Docker to learn how to build new applications using Docker.

Upgrade docker desktop on Ubuntu

Once a new version for Docker Desktop is released, the Docker UI shows a notification. You need to download the new package each time you want to upgrade Docker Desktop. You can download a new DEB installation file at Docker Desktop release notes.

Once you download DEB file you can install new version running:

sudo apt-get install ./docker-desktop-<version>-<arch>.deb

Uninstall Docker Desktop from Ubuntu

If you want to fully remove the docker desktop app and

sudo apt remove docker-desktop

Remove associated files. For a complete cleanup, remove configuration and data files at $HOME/.docker/desktop, the symlink at /usr/local/bin/com.docker.cli, and purge the remaining systemd service files.

 rm -r $HOME/.docker/desktop
 sudo rm /usr/local/bin/com.docker.cli
 sudo apt purge docker-desktop

Remove the credsStore and currentContext properties from $HOME/.docker/config.json. Additionally, you must delete any edited configuration files manually.

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