If you tend to develop your WP sites with Divi theme using Laragon, you might come a cross vary irritating issue with loading the styles in view mode when you are logout (It will look just fine if you work in edit mode, or even view page as logged in user.
If you add a simple slider it would look like this (in view mode / logout user):

You can see how the slider CSS / JS are not working properly.

To make it go away you need to turn off some of DIVI performance option here:

Now your CSS should load as expected:

Turn off Dynamic CSS and page should load as expected. Not it is not enough to disable static CSS generation in DIVI options under Builder->Advance. In fact this option can be even left on and it should work if you disabled DYnamic CSS as in the picture above.

If that does not help you might even try to disable CSS at a page level here:

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