How to create your own sewer? Where to start and what hardware to use?

Create your own U server

Why 4U server is better then 1U?

The advantage of 4U server is that you can build them almost as you would build a computer PC. You can change power adapter, motherboard and so on. They also run a full size fan so they are making as much noise as normal desktop PC which is very important if you plan on placing this machine in an office.

QUick intro to 1U server

You can build your own 1U server to some extend. To do that you can use ASUS barebone U case system and upgrade the server with a procesor, RAM, and hard drive of your own choice. Then you can rent a rack space and bandwidth in data center. This way you can run your own custom build server without having a building facility. The problem with 1U server is that they need to be placed in server room specifically because they are very loud due to small and powerful fans. It like you would fly a drone.

Tower server on example of Dell T140

as an entry level server capable of RAID 0 1 5 6 10 50 60

Create VPS on your machine with XEN/KVM

Just remember to set up raid 1 before VPS.

Raid 1 setup with DELL rack and Ubuntu system


Dedicated machine renting price:

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