There are many JavaScript frameworks. We can split them in to js frontend web, js backend web, testing, mobile & desktop frameworks. We will also cover JS tooling popularity. Before you make an important decision about which framework to learn, you might want to look at the current market share and usage of those frameworks. It is also critical to know what you do not should to learn in 2022 due to drop in support or project death. A good example would be a death of AngularJS which supports ended with end of year 2021 (Do not mistake with Angular – which is “up and running”).

JS Frontend frameworks popularity 2021


JS Backend frameworks popularity 2021


JS Testing frameworks popularity 2021


JS Build Tolls popularity 2021


JS Desktop & Mobile Framework (also can be used for web development)


Popularity of other JS Tools in 2022:



Backbone is one of those frameworks which are considered to be dinosaurs in 2022. Its popularity is very low. So you might want to skip on learning this framework. But if you’re new to JS libraries/frameworks I’ll recommend learning Backbone as before jumping to other frameworks, it gives a very good understanding of why we do things the way we do today with React or Vue, besides the lib is rather small and easy to start with. Could be used for a small non-commercial project.


React Native and ReactJs


Angular and AngularJs |

Ideal for large and complex applications. In most cases the project structure is standardized, and many design decision are made for you. This might be a good thing when working in a large team of developers.
Note! AngularJS LTS support has ended, and the project is now officially dead! Use Angular instead.

Angular release: blog

Svelte – a compiler framework

This is a tool in which you write declarative code which then gets compile to native JS (performant code). It is often referred as the most likeable JavaScript framework on the market as in 2022. With svelte kit, it also can take care of routing, rendering and code splitting.

Webpack, the most popular JS Bundling Tools 2022

Getting started with webpack

Jest, the most popular JS testing tool 2022

See also: Axios, Lodash,

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