To achieve good communication while emailing with a client or support team, it is important to provide them with clean and precise information. For that reason it is curtail to select the right tools for the job.

For screen capturing we use LightShot it is a great tool!

Windows 10 | Mac

It allow you to use:

  • Fast screenshot of selected area
  • Share screenshots via Internet
  • Similar image search
  • Easy-to-use application
  • Powerful editors
  • Various Platforms

Screen to GIF recorder

Windows 7 (and later)

Sometimes we need to present something in motion. There fore we need to create a gif from our screen we can use screentogif tool. This tool allow not only to capture but also to perform some basic editing. It also allow to record only selected part of the screen.

Full page screen capturer

Sometimes we need to create a screen of entire site and not only the current screen. We can use GoFullPage chrome extension to create a long png file or generate a .pdf file. Why this is useful? You can export page to pdf and Adobe Acrobat Reader DC to place precise comments on the exported graphics.

Other useful extensions for chrome:

Another grate tool for grammar check / correction you really should consider installing is

After installing simple select text you want to check on any site and press check text next to LT icon. Polish language grammar check example:

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