That said. Laragon is as of today may favorite local development env. It does comes with HeidiSQL tool which is pretty handy but i also like to have phpMyAdmin available. How to install phpMyAdmin on to Laragon? It is very simple.

Go to ad download phpMyAdmin in version that your server will support.

Now unzip the main folder to: {LARAGON_DIR}\etc\apps\phpMyAdmin

Access the phpMyAdmin from http://localhost/phpmyadmin.
The username is root and no pass

That is it! You ready to use phpMyAdmin in Laragon.

In same ease you will install numerus database versions like MariaDB or PHP versions on which you can switch at any time… This is whats make Laragon stand out. A nice touch is that for each folder with in your web root “www” folder Laragon generates a pretty url (no need to configure virtual hosts!).

What also great about this local development environment is that you can share a url to your client without pushing the site on to the live server and they will be able to access your local site via internet.

Install Laragon:
Switching from WAMP or XAMP local env is also a child play. Just make sure to install proper database system before making migration. I had to install MariaDB as Laragon comes with MySQL. Migration is so easy and fast that there is no need to think about the change. Just do it!. I done it and love it, you will love it too.

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