Using a Child Theme

* If you do not have child theme set up go ahead and create one using this tutorial – Ultimate Guide to Creating a Divi Child Theme

Once the Child Theme is active in functions.php add this PHP code:

function wpc_remove_height_cropping($height) {
	return '9999';
function wpc_remove_width_cropping($width) {
	return '9999';
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_height', 'wpc_remove_height_cropping' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_width', 'wpc_remove_width_cropping' );

This PHP code will simply remove the default Divi Cropped Image and instead it will be using the original Image size.

If you need to disable coping also in gallery image and portfolio, you could use this code instead:

/* disable image cropping in blog, gallery, portfolio */
function ld_stop_crop_image_width($width) {
	return 9999;

add_filter( 'et_pb_portfolio_image_width','ld_stop_crop_image_width' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_gallery_image_width','ld_stop_crop_image_width' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_width', 'ld_stop_crop_image_width' );

function ld_stop_crop_image_height($height) {
	return 9999;

add_filter( 'et_pb_portfolio_image_height','ld_stop_crop_image_height' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_gallery_image_height','ld_stop_crop_image_height' );
add_filter( 'et_pb_blog_image_height', 'ld_stop_crop_image_height' );

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